General project description
Interdisciplinary study on young people's needs and opportunities assessment in Cluj-Napoca
The context

The Cluj metropolitan area is one of the eight largest metropolitan areas from Romania. During the past recent years, Cluj-Napoca has been a place of experimentation and innovative approaches, setting the trends regionally and nationally in the areas of youth engagement and urban innovation with a focus on young people. Whereas Cluj-Napoca – and, by large, the Cluj metropolitan area – is home to growing independent initiatives targeting young people, they are many times disparate and not accurately accounted for in public data reporting. 

The project aims to conduct a comprehensive, multi- and inter-disciplinary assessment of the needs and opportunities for young people in the Cluj metropolitan area, guided by an ecosystem view and oriented towards future initiatives stemming from the results of the assessment. 

Roles and functions
Information and awareness
We aim to increase awareness about young people contribution’s importance in designing and implementing future initiatives. Also, we aim to increase awareness about initiatives currently running in the city and improved knowledge about relevant NGO initiatives focusing on youth.
Youth empowerment and participation
We want to empower youth and participation by increasing young people’ voice and contribution in interventions geared towards their health and well-being, and education.
Collection of data
We plan to collect high-quality primary data on youth views/understandings of their own needs - how they can be addressed, by whom, how they see themselves - which will be used for a medium-term plan of intervention.